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Here at Mozilla Foundation, our work is driven by the Mozilla Manifesto. Each of its ten principles inform the way we built this AI Intersections Database, but a few stand out as particularly important when it comes to protecting your data as a user or featured actor:

  • Principle Four: Individuals’ security and privacy on the internet are fundamental and must not be treated as optional.
  • Principle Five: Individuals must have the ability to shape the internet and their own experiences on it.
  • Principle Eight: Transparent community-based processes promote participation, accountability, and trust.

To that end, we’re committed to building and running this site as an example of alternative data governance, which means we employ rules and processes that shift power from data collectors to data subjects, create meaningful incentives for the benefits of data to be shared between various parties, and enable data to serve individual or collective interests grounded in human rights, data rights, and consumer rights.

In short: at every turn, we hold ourselves accountable to respect your autonomy and agency when it comes to your data. Every actor who appears in this database has opted into inclusion. And whether you browse the site to learn more about AI impacts, use it to connect with potential collaborators, or add your own work to the repository so others can build on it, your data will be handled in accordance with Mozilla’s Privacy Notice.

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