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What is this?

This database maps intersections between the key social justice and human rights areas of our time and documented AI impacts and their manifestations in society. It also catalogs civil society organizations, social movement actors, researchers, and other entities that are either actively doing work at these intersections, or are well suited for engagement on these issues via partnerships. Think of it as infrastructure for movement, designed to facilitate meaningful collaborations that advance our mutual aims with integrity. This work is part of our 2021 “Movement Building Landscape Analysis,” which explored Mozilla Foundation’s potential movement partnerships at the intersection of consumer AI and social justice.

Above all, this database is an offering. We hope you will use it to learn more about how AI impacts people around the world, connect with other actors who are working to address those issues, find organizations to support and fund, and share your own work with other users in the community.

(This website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, excluding portions of the content attributed to third parties.)

Want to suggest an update to the AI Intersections Database?

Help us make this database a robust resource for movement building! We welcome additions, corrections, and updates to actors, issues, AI impacts, justice areas, contact info, and more.

What’s the project scope?

We focused on the AI consumer space (as defined in the Mozilla Foundation’s “Accelerating Progress Toward Trustworthy AI” white paper) and traditional social justice areas, as well as human rights and an area we call community health and collective security (see definitions below). The geographical focus of the database at launch is limited to countries and regions where Mozilla has an existing community, relationship, and investments, but we are working to expand it with data from around the world, with particular interest in areas and communities that are typically underrepresented in conversations about AI. Want to suggest additions or corrections? Click the button below. All suggestions will be vetted by our team; note that new actors need to opt-in to appear on the site.

What’s the methodology?

Desk research informed an understanding of the key issues at the intersection of AI’s impact on society and social justice. To offer insight and guidance on questions of global contexts and specificity, we interviewed fellows, existing and potential partners, and other experts, and solicited input from peer reviewers. The full list of contributors can be found in the “Movement Building Landscape Analysis.”

What does it all mean?

The following definitions shaped the creation and organization of this database. Click here to expand all definitions.

Key Terms

Movement Vocabulary

Who worked on this?

The AI Intersections Database is crafted by a project team led by Kenrya Rankin with project team members Simon Acosta Torres, Genevieve Baldassano, Tyler Denton, Abi Fidler, Ali Latorre, Esteban Lopez, Bhavya Madan, Eeva Moore, Sabrina Ng, Neha Ravella, and Mary Helen Ybarra Johnson, and developer Social Driver. Illustrations were created by D’Ara Nazaryan. The project is guided by Director of the Insights team, Kasia Odrozek, and sponsored by Senior Vice President, Global Programs, J. Bob Alotta.

The research that informed the AI Intersections Database was commissioned and guided by the Mozilla Foundation’s Insights team, in collaboration with the Fellowships and Awards team. It was executed by a team of freelance researchers led by Jacqui Howard. Matt Stempeck contributed writing and led the mapping with support from Ani Hao and Chenai Chair. Editing was done by Kenrya Rankin, Rosemary Maguire, and Eeva Moore. Kasia Odrozek provided project guidance on Mozilla’s side, with support from Amy Schapiro Raikar. Senior Vice President, Global Programs, J. Bob Alotta sponsored the research.

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AI Intersections Database

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