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Issue 2023

AI could be used to better meet the needs of the disabled, but there are currently many instances where it actively works against the disabled community.

In 2023, researchers at Pennsylvania State University published “Automated Ableism: An Exploration of Explicit Disability Biases in Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) Sentiment and Toxicity Analysis Models,” which explores the bias embedded in several natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and models. They found that every single public model they tested “exhibited significant bias against disability,” classifying sentences as negative and toxic simply because they contained references to disability, ignoring context and the actual lived experiences of disabled people.

Community Health and Collective Security Disability Justice

Climate Change AI

Climate Change AI (CCAI) is an organization composed of volunteers from academia and industry who believe that tackling climate change requires concerted societal action and that machine learning can play an impactful role in that ation. An addition to championing legislation and leading conferences, CCAI also organizes a summer school program covering AI in energy, land use, climate science, economics, and policy, as well as questions around AI ethics, regulation, and environmental footprint. CCAI also offers scholarships for Black and Indigenous folks through funding from the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR).

Environmental Justice
Issue 2023

AI models, without ecological awareness, can perpetuate and amplify environmentally damaging narratives, exacerbating ecological crises.

The integration—or lack thereof—of ecological awareness in AI systems manifests significantly in how AI influences public and private sector decisions. For instance, without ecological consideration, AI-driven recommendations in urban planning and resource management could prioritize economic gains over sustainability, leading to increased carbon footprints and depletion of natural resources. The H4rmony Project addresses this by embedding ecolinguistic principles into AI to ensure its outputs promote sustainability.

Environmental Justice Human Rights

Check My Ads

Check My Ads "exposes the tactics that adtech companies use to push advertiser dollars towards hate and disinformation outlets, holding them accountable to their clients and to the public."

Community Health and Collective Security


Chayn offers women a confidential chatbot to help them navigate and exit abusive relationships, including support for depression and legal rights education.

Gender Justice

Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law

Strathmore University's Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law runs several projects, including Mapping Policy and Capacity for AI Development in Africa, which investigates the intersections of AI and gender, climate, and development on the African continent.

Economic Justice Environmental Justice Gender Justice

Algorithm Tips

Algorithm Tips helps people investigate algorithmic decision-making power in society. The site offers a curated set of algorithms being used by the United States federal government. It also shares others' investigations and methodologies for unpacking algorithms.

Community Health and Collective Security

AI for Good Foundation

By building lasting communities that bring the best technologies to bear on the world’s most important challenges, the AI for Good Foundation drives forward solutions that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). It does this by coordinating the AI research community, technologists, data, and infrastructure with the stakeholders on the ground, policy makers, and the broader public. The group focuses on zero-footprint AI and AI in development contexts.

Community Health and Collective Security Economic Justice
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AI Intersections Database

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