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Issue 2023

AI models, without ecological awareness, can perpetuate and amplify environmentally damaging narratives, exacerbating ecological crises.

The integration—or lack thereof—of ecological awareness in AI systems manifests significantly in how AI influences public and private sector decisions. For instance, without ecological consideration, AI-driven recommendations in urban planning and resource management could prioritize economic gains over sustainability, leading to increased carbon footprints and depletion of natural resources. The H4rmony Project addresses this by embedding ecolinguistic principles into AI to ensure its outputs promote sustainability.

Environmental Justice Human Rights
Issue 2018

AI development in sex robots has the potential for manipulation and coercion.

"AI development in sex robots requires immediate policy attention, presents special risks and opportunities to develop manipulative/coercive AI. Advanced machine learning may allow robots to cultivate love and devotion, the ability to elicit personal information or to manipulate and influence behavior. These capabilities are all theoretically possible, and perhaps more importantly, they are profitable for AI sex robots to cultivate. With the worldwide sex technology reportedly worth 30 billion USD (Kleeman, 2017), the market may incentivize the development of AI capabilities that may be vastly more consequential than blinking silicon sex dolls." Quoted from "Sex Robots — A Harbinger for Emerging AI Risk." See also: "Sexbots: The Ethical Ramifications of Social Robotics' Dark Side."

Gender Justice

Deldelp Medina

An ecosystem leader and creator, Deldelp Medina is Executive Director of Black & Brown Founders, which provides community, education, and access to Black and Latine entrepreneurs. Medina's work centers creating systems for equity in startup ecosystems.

Community Health and Collective Security Economic Justice Racial Justice
Issue 2024

AI might be deployed to help in the fight for social change.

Social movements don't just suffer from AI's harms, they also employ it toward their own missions. Public interest tech AI projects leverage emerging tech to boost their work on existing challenges, including in the areas of Racial Justice, Gender Justice, Environmental Justice, Economic Justice, and Community Health and Collective Security.

Community Health and Collective Security Disability Justice Economic Justice Environmental Justice Gender Justice Human Rights Racial Justice

AI is accelerating fossil fuel extraction.

The AI supply chain is powered by extractive industries, and the mining of materials needed for computational devices. AI is also used for extractive purposes. For example, AI is being used to pinpoint the exact location for water extraction, which is further privatizing water management. In addition, a Greenpeace report exposes how the three largest cloud companies — Amazon (33% market share), Microsoft (18%), and Google (8%) — are partnering with oil companies to use artificial intelligence technologies to accelerate the unlocking of oil and gas deposits in the US and around the world at a time where we cannot afford any additional carbon in the atmosphere.

Environmental Justice

Jibu Elias

Jibu Elias, a renowned AI ethicist, has significantly influenced the AI landscape, particularly in India, where he founded the INDIAai portal, a pivotal platform for advancing AI awareness and integration across diverse sectors. His work prominently addresses critical justice areas within AI, emphasizing the reduction of the digital divide through initiatives that make AI accessible and beneficial for all segments of society. Through his leadership at the Mozilla Responsible Computing Challenge and the GIZ AI micro-credential project, Jibu champions ethical AI practices that ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability. His notable publications, such as "Governments Are Key to Unleashing AI-Enabled Societal Advancement" and "Truly Global AI Ethics and Culture Extend Well Beyond Abstract Discussions," delve into the use of AI to support justice and equity, providing comprehensive analysis and actionable recommendations. Additionally, Jibu’s efforts to promote inclusive digital futures are highlighted in his articles on the INDIAai portal and his presentations at international forums, where he underscores the importance of responsible AI governance.

Economic Justice Human Rights

Dr. Chao Mbogho

Dr. Chao Mbogho leads Mozilla's Responsible Computing Challenge efforts in Kenya, where she supports faculty educators as they redesign their tech curricula with ethical and inclusive principles to better teach and shape the next generation of technologists and innovators.

Community Health and Collective Security

Black & Brown Founders

Black & Brown Founders provides community, education, and access to Black and Latine entrepreneurs, helping them launch and build tech businesses with modest resources.

Economic Justice
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