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Digital Rights

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Gender Justice

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Bias and Discrimination



Women at the Table is a Geneva-based organization that is building the structural power of women to change agendas at the intersection of technology, labor, and governance. The organization seeks to make women visible on the global stage and makes women leaders a point of reference in cultural conversations beyond so-called women's issues. It leads extensive research on the gendered bias and impact of AI in human resources and launched A+ Alliance: Affirmative Action for Algorithms, the international coalition that seeks to not only detect, but correct, gender bias in artificial intelligence.

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Caitlin Kraft-Buchman

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Jibu Elias

Jibu Elias, a renowned AI ethicist, has significantly influenced the AI landscape, particularly in India, where he founded the INDIAai portal, a pivotal platform for advancing AI awareness and integration across diverse sectors. His work prominently addresses critical justice areas within AI, emphasizing the reduction of the digital divide through initiatives that make AI accessible and beneficial for all segments of society. Through his leadership at the Mozilla Responsible Computing Challenge and the GIZ AI micro-credential project, Jibu champions ethical AI practices that ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability. His notable publications, such as "Governments Are Key to Unleashing AI-Enabled Societal Advancement" and "Truly Global AI Ethics and Culture Extend Well Beyond Abstract Discussions," delve into the use of AI to support justice and equity, providing comprehensive analysis and actionable recommendations. Additionally, Jibu’s efforts to promote inclusive digital futures are highlighted in his articles on the INDIAai portal and his presentations at international forums, where he underscores the importance of responsible AI governance.

Asia Global South

Dr. Chao Mbogho

Dr. Chao Mbogho leads Mozilla's Responsible Computing Challenge efforts in Kenya, where she supports faculty educators as they redesign their tech curricula with ethical and inclusive principles to better teach and shape the next generation of technologists and innovators.


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