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Some schools in the UK have installed AI-driven software that “actively listens” to students in the bathrooms.


Justice Area(s)

Community Health and Collective Security

Gender Justice

Human Rights

AI Impact(s)

LGBTIQA+ discrimination

Privacy Violation




United Kingdom



Administrators say they want to use this software to address vaping, bullying, and other misbehavior in the bathrooms. Phrases that can trigger assistance include "help me" and "stop it." One of the companies behind the sensors, Triton, argues that it seeks to “provide an additional layer of security against threats like bullying or sexual assault in these areas, reinforcing a safe school environment … to enhance safety, not monitor everyday conversations.” But digital advocates say that “secretly monitoring school bathrooms is a gross violation of children’s privacy and would make pupils and parents deeply uncomfortable." This tech could be used to discriminate against students based on gender as well.

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Issue 2023

AI models, without ecological awareness, can perpetuate and amplify environmentally damaging narratives, exacerbating ecological crises.

The integration—or lack thereof—of ecological awareness in AI systems manifests significantly in how AI influences public and private sector decisions. For instance, without ecological consideration, AI-driven recommendations in urban planning and resource management could prioritize economic gains over sustainability, leading to increased carbon footprints and depletion of natural resources. The H4rmony Project addresses this by embedding ecolinguistic principles into AI to ensure its outputs promote sustainability.

Global Bias and discrimination Energy Consumption Environmental destruction and climate change Public Interest Tech Environmental Justice Human Rights
Issue 2018

AI development in sex robots has the potential for manipulation and coercion.

"AI development in sex robots requires immediate policy attention, presents special risks and opportunities to develop manipulative/coercive AI. Advanced machine learning may allow robots to cultivate love and devotion, the ability to elicit personal information or to manipulate and influence behavior. These capabilities are all theoretically possible, and perhaps more importantly, they are profitable for AI sex robots to cultivate. With the worldwide sex technology reportedly worth 30 billion USD (Kleeman, 2017), the market may incentivize the development of AI capabilities that may be vastly more consequential than blinking silicon sex dolls." Quoted from "Sex Robots — A Harbinger for Emerging AI Risk." See also: "Sexbots: The Ethical Ramifications of Social Robotics' Dark Side."

Global Sexualization Gender Justice
Issue 2024

AI might be deployed to help in the fight for social change.

Social movements don't just suffer from AI's harms, they also employ it toward their own missions. Public interest tech AI projects leverage emerging tech to boost their work on existing challenges, including in the areas of Racial Justice, Gender Justice, Environmental Justice, Economic Justice, and Community Health and Collective Security.

Global Public Interest Tech Community Health and Collective Security Disability Justice Economic Justice Environmental Justice Gender Justice Human Rights Racial Justice
Issue 2023

Companies are rushing to integrate LLMs into products even though the output of these tools cannot be fully controlled.

This can be seen in the Gemini image generation debate. "A system that you cannot debug through a logical, Socratic process is a vulnerability that exploitative tech tycoons will use to do what they always do, undermine the vulnerable."

Global Opaque Systems Prevent Accountability Community Health and Collective Security Economic Justice Environmental Justice Gender Justice Racial Justice

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