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Racial Justice

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Bias and Discrimination

Lack of Data

Opaque Systems Prevent Accountability

Widening Geographic Inequality



Melanie Walsh is an assistant professor in the Information School at the University of Washington. She investigates how data, computational methods, and AI shape contemporary culture (literature, music, art, etc.), and how they can be used to understand culture in turn. She is co-PI of the NEH-funded AI for Humanists project, which makes recent advances in artificial intelligence accessible so that humanities researchers and the general public may be positioned to make use of — and critique — these important new computational language technologies. Walsh was also a Responsible Computing Challenge awardee.

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Meier Galblum Haigh

Meier Galblum Haigh (they/them) is Founder and Executive Director of the Disability Culture Lab. They are a nonbinary disabled human with 15+ years of experience at the intersection of movement building, media, and communications. They specialize in big narrative change and vision-first communications. Galblum Haigh co-founded not-for-profit social justice PR firm Megaphone Strategies with Van Jones’ Dream Corps, which served over 80 progressive candidates, movements, and social impact organizations. In five years, the team Meier built and co-ran elected now Secretary Deb Haaland to Congress, launched She the People, supported movements like the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter, and helped pass legislation to protect workers across numerous states with the Working Families Party — from securing paid sick days to universal pre-k and paid leave to increasing the minimum wage. Galblum Haigh has served as a Senior Advisor with New Disabled South for the last year and is an alum of Center for Popular Democracy, FitzGibbon Media,, the Obama for America Campaign, and numerous Democratic Party campaigns at the state and local level.

Community Health and Collective Security Disability Justice Economic Justice Gender Justice Human Rights Racial Justice

Deldelp Medina

An ecosystem leader and creator, Deldelp Medina is Executive Director of Black & Brown Founders, which provides community, education, and access to Black and Latine entrepreneurs. Medina's work centers creating systems for equity in startup ecosystems.

Community Health and Collective Security Economic Justice Racial Justice

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